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Even if in the Member Area the prices are very clear to place your order, I made a summary table of the prices. You can find it attached to this email. 


With Term 1 consisting of 16 weeks, in the interest of supporting our community amid what is still a challenging time, EVO will be offering you the flexibility of paying for Term 1 in 2 parts. You will now have the option to pay for the first 8 weeks, and then the second payment can be made once the second half of the term commences. If you wish to pay for the full-term fee there is also this option to do so (in the Members Area please select both Part 1 and Part 2).

Please note if any government restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic prevent us from physically delivering the Evo Sports programme face to face we reserve the right to offer online learning. No fees will be refunded or credited in such instances.