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CFA Family Competition

For the first time in Qatar, the Clement Fencing Academy will launch a competition by team "Fencer with Parent" for the fencers born between 2004 and 2009, on Friday 31 March 2:30pm. The prize ceremony is planned at 5 pm.

This initiative aims to demonstrate the parents how educative the fencing sport can be, and all the skills and knowledge the fencers has to train for improving his level : physical, technical, mental and focusing, personality, ...

We really invite the parents to participate in this enjoyable event, an opportunity to get a fun experience with family.

The kid can advice, help, demonstrate, train his parent for improving his/her level, before or during the competition.

The fencer will make team with his parent (parent can't be a fencer). The teams will compete in a score relay : the parent will fence the opponent parent up to 4 points, and will transmit the score to his child who will have to end the score. The winner of the combat will be the first team reaching 8 points (be advice that when a female parent will fence against a male parent, if they both hit in the same time it will be point for the female only).

Be advice the number of team is limited to 40 cause to the number of uniforms this event requires. The organization timing is subject to change according to the number of team registered in the different categories.

Registrations will close on Saturday 25 March. You can register by giving the paper filled in training or replying this email : specify complete name, date of birth, and gender of parent (Mother/Father),

The entry fees will be 100 Qar for covering a portion of the organization fees,

CFA will run a light coffee/tea buffet during the competition.

For the last word CFA wish you all...GOOD LUCK....!!!!

Best and sport regards

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