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Summer Competition & Blasons tests

Blason tests - from April 28th

  • The blason tests Yellow - Red - Blue will be conducted from Saturday, April 28th till Monday, May 7th. The period is particulary short this year for screening everybody with the two tests : written test (oral for young fencers) and practical test.

For the written test, you can come any classes of the CFA, even if it's not your age group or you didn't register in it. The earlier you do the test the better it is.

Download the required blason booklet on https://www.clementfencing. com/the-blasons. Files are heavy so I can't send it to you by email.

  • Green Blason written test will be on May 8th in West Bay (5pm), and May 9th in Al Waab (5pm). The practical test is while the competition :

  • morning time for the Pupille & Benjamin students, 10am -12:30pm

  • afternoon time for the Minime and Cadet students 1:45pm-4:30pm

Summer Competition May 12th, Lycee Voltaire on Al Waab

  • As a reminder, be informed the Summer Competition will be host on Saturday, May 12th. You will find attached the poster of the competition for precise details.

  • It's very important you respect the time. The written time on the poster is the deadline, so you need to come about 20-30mn before, for wearing your equipment and warm up. Nobody will be accepted after deadline...

  • The pre-registration is mandatory before Thursday, May 10th, midnight so I can prepare the competition on the proper way depending the number of fencers,

  • The day of the competition, fencer needs to go to the registration table, confirm his presence, pay the entry fees (if it's not already done), and collect the buffet coupon.

  • During the competition, nobody is allowed to disturb the referees, interfere in their decisions, or enter in the referee zone. Referees know their work, got a hard and long training for the Green Blason, and are all certified with at least the Blue Blason. This competition is the practical exam for them passing the Green Blason certificate, so we please you to respect them. I'm sure all referees will do their best. If any issue appear while the competition you can report to me so I can manage in the best wa

  • the CFA League 2018 Champion and Vice-Champion will be designated, depending points accumulated on the CFA competitons 2017-2018 https://www.clementfencing. com/cfa-league-rankiing

  • At 1pm will be the Blason Ceremony, for the fencers who passed the test Yellow / Red / Blue / Green

Big thank to the competition partners : Monoprix & Gluten free Crepes

and the closest and permanent CFA's partners ; OOREDOO Lycee Voltaire and Sasol with who we work hard for developping fencing for all in Qatar, including the wheelchair fencing.

We stay at your full disposal,

Best and sport regards

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