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What is Fencing


Respect and Self-control are the hallmarks of fencing. combat sport, it is in no way based on force. Fencing is a comprehensive discipline that requires speed, precision and reflexes. individual sports but not without a partner, it is also practiced as a team.


The Fencing is an Olympic Sport Major French, with 115 Olympic medals at the counter ... Laura Flessel Colovic, Brice Guyart, Eric Srecki, Christian d'Oriola fencers are the most successful and best-known of French athletes.


It is a sport growing the F.F.E has 64 000 members, 120 000 followers, and more than 800 clubs. There is no medical constraint for this sport. The equipment is lightweight and practice very secure. Also thanks to qualified Fencing Masters, quickly mastered the technique and coordination of actions.


Fencing develops both concentration than reflection. To harmonize at best the body and mind!

Free yourself ... the game is at the tip of the sword and lets you challenge your opponents in the most friendly. Refine you ... Ideal for muscle maintenance, fencing invigorates you and refines your figure: elegance and line will be part of your day!


In practice fencing is a combat sport between two fencers, using their weapon must touch the opponent.

The equipment is essential to the practice of fencing it ensures maximum protection compatible with the freedom of movement essential to the practice of fencing: a mask, a glove, a resistant vest, weapon, pants that s stops the knees, socks and light and stable shoes. Namely: in general, clubs lend the matèriel and holding.

Combining physical, mental, technical and tactical, the game promotes concentration, self-control, coordination and the spirit of initiative and decision.

Conversation with weapons, fencing is a discipline based on shared values ​​of respect for rules, the opponent, the referee, selflessness and courage.


One goal: to touch without being touched.

While remaining on the track, fencers must touch the authorized party of their opponent, the target area, using their weapons. Between the "go! "And" stop "of the referee, they realize codified actions such as the attack and the response to touch the opponent or the parade to defend. These action sequences are the "fencing phrase."

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