The Blasons

The stages of learning of fencing are symbolized by the Blason. Each child is presented with the booklet "The Blazon" which contains the knowledge to pass each stage and obtain the corresponding diploma.


Me and my weapon, I and the opponent

I learn fencing in my club

I discover the values of fencing

I study the simple techniques of attack and defense

The Yellow Blason test run in 1st or 2nd year.


I use a simple technique to touch my opponent

I improve my thecnique in my club

I know the rules of the assault

I know how to prepare to make an attack

The Red Blason test  run in 2nd or 3rd year. of training


To touch, I have to tap my opponent

I am preparing to compete with my club

I am able to lead an assault and making decisions

I use sophisticated techniques to reach and defend my self

Blue Blason test come during my 3rd year of fencing or more: It is mandatory to participate in league competitions.


I am a fencer so I know how to referee

I respect the safety when Im referee

when i am referee one game alone or with the help of a jury

I know the rules and I apply them in the combat

Green Blason Is obtained after the passing Blue Blason.

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Lycee Voltaire

Doha Qatar



Lycee Voltaire

Doha Qatar