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Clement Fencing Academy - Archery & Shooting Academy 2019/2020

Dear Fencers,

CFA team hopes you had nice vacations. After this long break, it’s time to resume fencing and go ahead with training, preparing the blasons, ... All classes will resume on September 1st, Sunday

Time table is the same, except Monday afternoon in West Bay is cancelled.

Cause to the high demand, more individual classes will created on Monday in West bay

  • BOOK you dates !!!

  • CFA Kids & Teenagers competitions : Winter competition 07/12/2019, Spring Competition 28/03/2020,Summer Competition 13/06/2020

  • CFA Adult competitions :Winter competition 30/11/2019, Spring Competition 14/03/2020, Summer Competition 06/06/2020

  • CFA Family Team : 13/03/2020. This competition is restricted to Poussin, Pupille and Benjamin categories (7-12 years old). Limited to 40 teams

  • QFF Competitions : QFF is planning to organize competitions this year. Calendar under process.


  • Fencers have to provide a medical certificate signed and stamped by the doctor at registration, of non-counter-indication for practicing fencing sport. All certificates are valid, even the one required by school, but you can download on CFA website the templates. This is important also for matching with the Qatar National Olympic Committee requirements (Qatar Fencing Federation).

  • Documents required for the Qatar Fencing Federation license ( only if you don't have already)

  • Filled QFF license form with Id photo

  • Medical certificate with stamped and signature of the physician

  • For Adults: (+18) Copy of QID and paspport

  • For Minors: (-18) Copy of QID, passport, and QID of the parent (father/mother) whoever is the sponsor

  • For Qataris: Copy of QID, passport, birth certificate and father's QID copy


  • From 7 years old. Classes will be in West Bay and Al Waab. Special Adult : In West Bay you can practise Archery & Shooting on Saturday morning while your children practise Fencing. Free morning schedules. Come and try...

  • fencers of academy benefit 15% discount on classes and training fees in archery shooting academy

New partnership with EsQalar, in Aspire Parc

- All members of Fencing Academy and Archery & Shooting Academy will benefit 15% discount on all their packages, on presentation of the coupon signed and stamped by academies

CFA wishes you a very good new year 2019-2020. Come numerous, and do not hesitate to share information, links and details to all your contacts. It will be highly appreciated.

At your disposal,

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